Nick "BrookFieldAngler" Doumel

I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and, with the exception of a six year hiatus in Las Vegas during my early 20's, the area has always been my home. It's a great area that offers a good base point to fish many different spots throughout the region.

Since the age of three, I have been addicted to fishing. My first outings were for bluegill with my Dad at local ponds. That quickly progressed to bigger and badder species like bass, carp, musky, and salmon to name a few!

I am true multispecies - as well as a multi-technique - angler. Generally speaking, I am always targeting the biggest and fiercest predators in whatever body I am fishing. In terms of techniques, I fish artificial baits with spinning and casting gear as well as being a passionate fly fisherman. Most importantly, I am very strong advocate for Catch - Photo - Release!! Salmon are one of the only species that I will ever keep but I still do my best to let them go! By releasing a fish, I give other anglers  the opportunity to experience the thrill of catching that same fish!

Fishing to me is all about the thrill and the adventure.  When it comes to getting out on the water, I am most often found in my kayak or wading. In 2014, I decided to put my skills to the test against other fantastic anglers in several tournaments. My first year resulted in multiple top three finishes, a first place finish, and a series title! I am hoping that 2015 will be even better!!

Finally, I have a passion for sharing the things I have learned with anglers and non-anglers alike through various forms of media including my personal blog, various forums, speaking events, and  print publications. I will never claim to be the best angler out there but I will gladly share what I know and hopefully continue to learn from others as well.



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