How to Video: 2017 Hobie Outback Rudder Upgrade

Now that the new kayak is home, it's time to start setting it up the way I like to rig my Hobie Outbacks!

I will be doing a number of how-to videos of everything that I like to do to my kayaks. The first things that I do before I even take the kayak on the water is to upgrade the rudder and change out the standard fins on the mirage drive to turbo fins!

This first video is all about the rudder swap which happens to be one of the easiest upgrades you can make!! Even sweeter is that this is only a $35 upgrade!! 

If you would like to do any of the modifications you will see on my kayak, call Quest Watersports in Ottawa, IL!!

The next video will be for the turbo fins!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for your other videos.

  2. Nice vid man!!! Hope everything is good with you!!!! Still gotta get you out on the motorboat and get after some Northern Illinois Slaunches!!!!


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