Frogs - It's What They Like

Well, we welcomed our third baby boy to the world and have been busy loving him and adjusting as a family of 5. I have been loving every minute of it but have to admit that I have been going stir crazy!

Sure, I've been sneaking out to the front yard pond and having some fun for 15 minutes here and there. I have been skipping lunch and hitting some local lakes from shore as well but I reallllly needed to get back in the yak in a bad way.

Luckily, the wife was nice enough got sick of me being so irritable so she kicked me out and made go fishing. Man am I happy she did!

Getting out was great as it was but the fishing just so happened to be stellar!  I was only out on the water for a couple of hours but managed to put seven bass on the yak. To make it even better, they all came on one of my favorite ways of catching bass...

The frog!

I only had one camera with me and of course my memory card was just about full so I only got about 20 minutes worth of footage but it was enough to stitch together a small glimpse of an awesome session.


  1. Fantastic video---I see you were using the super nice kayak, with all extras, congrats on the new arrival. Thanks for sharing

  2. Well done Nick and congratulations on the addition to the family!

  3. Well done Nick and congratulations on the addition to the family!

  4. I love frogs and your video and pics are great. Congrats to you and your wife! Sorry I am a bit late on this!!!!!

  5. Nice! Topwater bass fishing is the best! Congratulations on the addition to your family. Curious, what kind of fishing rod do you use when frog fishing?


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