Nikon KeyMission 360 - A new action camera on the market!

I had a chance to see the new Nikon stuff at CES this year and was pretty excited to see that they are going to be releasing a new action camera to the market called the KeyMission 360.

As the name suggests, it's a 360 degree camera and the viewer can actually pan the videos on their phone or computer to see everything that the camera sees. For an example, see the video below

If you are watching from your smartphone, simply move the phone to change your view. If you are watching from the computer, there is a little toggle in the upper right corner that will allow you to pan.

Here are a few pics I took of the camera itself.

They also have quite a few mounts and accessories for the camera as well!

I'm not sure what the MSRP is yet or exactly when it will be available.

With the new 360 cam from Nikon, there are now two 360 camera options that I am aware of - the other being from Kodak called the SP360.

The Kodak one can be purchased now and is somewhere around $250 depending on where you buy it.

I haven't added either to my arsenal yet but surely will be soon!


  1. Wow, what an awesome innovative idea. However, I know personally that when watching a video, I would not enjoy using that option to see everything. Cool, yes. Really needed....I don't think so. I think it will ruin whatever video you're trying to shoot. Scrolling around while the video is playing, I feel you miss out on the content the person wants you to see. I think it's a case of "too much, is well, too much", but to say I'm not interested to see what others are going to do with it, would be a lie.

    1. Usage is definitely something I have been trying to figure out as well. My best idea so far is to mount it on top of my Micro Anchor. It would definitely help capture some of those jumps behind the yak that I miss a lot of. I am just not sure it's worth the money for those shots. I have been having this internal debate since earlier in 2015 when I saw the Kodak one.

  2. Really impressed with the phone connection---I just purchased the Contour 3 action video camera, but it does not have the phone connection, the only way I can connect with the live video is from the download from my computer---thanks for sharing

    1. I've thought about that phone connection as well. I am not really convinced that it's that important - at least not for me. I have a couple of cams that connect and simply never use it.

  3. That's such a cool camera, it'll be really exciting to see what kind of footage it produces.


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