Kayak Rigging Day!!

The idea was simple....

Everyone is invited - kayak brand doesn't matter - to hang out, rig their kayaks, check out other people's set ups, etc...

I called Quest Watersports in Ottawa and told them the idea. They loved it so we picked a date, threw it out there and whoever could make it, made it.

We ended up working on four kayaks doing everything from minor mounts to micro anchor installation, to a complete rigging with tracks, camera mounts, and electronics. There was a decent number of people who just came to hang out and ask some questions about their own set ups for kayaks that they didn't yet have or didn't bring because they weren't sure where to even start.

I would have loved to have more people but for the first one and short notice I gave, I am happy with the turnout!!

Here's some pics

Everyone hard at work despite not having enough coffee yet

If they sell it, we put it on! Railblaza gear up the ying yang, micro anchor, GPS, Fish Finder, Hobie H Crate, etc...

That's a LOT of stuff!!!

Don't tell my wife I bought all of this stuff

Look at all the stuff that you can attach to the new Hobie H Crate

The platform of the Railblaza Boom 600

Railblaza Starport HD

Jeff - The owner of Quest Watersports


  1. Looks like it was a success! I even got a few ideas for my boat.

    1. Indeed it was! Glad the pics helped with some ideas. Let me know if have any questions about yak rigging!!

  2. And I thought I use to spend bucks on my bass boat, you are the man when it comes to rigging a kayak!!! Super Nice---thanks for sharing

  3. Looks awesome. I'm so glad I don't live close enough to get in trouble. Too much temptation!

  4. Damn. I can't wait to see how you do this season.


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