2015 Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series

Here in the greater Chicagoland, Eastern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana we are extremely lacking in kayak specific fishing tournaments. With the sport of kayak fishing soaring in popularity, it is a shock that there aren't more options! Come to think of it, I really can't think of one single series that is focused in this region!!

Luckily, in 2014, the 1st Great Lakes Kayak Fishing Series was founded!! The series consisted of three different stops for three different species of fish including walleye, bass, and salmon. Participation was fantastic - especially when you consider that it was the first year!! The organizer did a fantastic job promoting the series and securing some really amazing tournament sponsors who all donating a TON of great prizes.

Since the first year was such a smashing success, the series will not only continue in 2015, but it will be even bigger!!!!!!!!! I was asked to be a tournament director this year and emphatically said yes! There are five tournament directors this year who are working hard to finalize dates for 2015 and will work throughout the entire season to secure even more sponsors!

Our goal is to increase participation and make sure that every kayak angler in the region knows about the series and hopefully takes part in the fun.

Like last year, we will have the same three stops that we had last year but are hoping to add at least one more!

So, in closing, I ask everyone who reads this to go to the official tournament website and spread the word in anyway possible!! Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc....We want this series to rival any other tournament series in the nation!! We can only do it with everybody's help, though!!

If your company, or any company that you know, is interested in being a sponsor for the event, please send me an email though the contact page on this site!!


Nick "BrookFieldAngler" Doumel


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    1. Thanks, Howard! Lot's of behind the scenes work going on!!

  2. This looks really cool, hope this proves to be a lasting endeavor... and also hoping something like this reaches my area. Only thing bad about taking on an official role is that you might not be able to compete in them?!


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