New Sponsors!! Part 1

2015 is really shaping up to be a stellar year!!! I have been working and talking with quite a few companies that I believe in to help make it possible to get out more, fish more tournaments, and catch more fish than any year before!! 

With that, I am extremely excited to announce two new sponsors for 2015!! 

Biovex is a Japanese company who's roots lay in the ultra high pressured Japanese fishing world. They have been so successful over there that people here in the U.S. have started to take notice. As a result, BIOVEX USA formed and started taking the U.S. bass fishing world by storm! Big names in the bass fishing world like Josh Douglas, Andy Young (2014 BassMaster Central Open Champion), collegiate superstar Hunter McKamey, and Corey Stanley are all proving how well these lures work here in the states!

In the salt world, mega angler Christina Weber has been showing how awesome these baits work on giant red fish, snook, and those legendary Florida bass. 

My goal, is to put these stellar baits into the mouth of huge Lake Michigan browns, salmon, and smallies! Of course, I will throwing them in rivers and other lakes as well for bass and, hopefully, some early spring muskies as well! 

I have been using StankX plastics for a few years now. They initially started out because they were sick of paying big money for plastics - who isn't?! In a very short time, they had built a name for themselves with plastics that rivaled any big name out there. Over the past few years, they have grown into masters of plastics with so many baits and color combos it's not even funny. So many local tournaments across the country have been won on StankX plastics that it's not even funny. There NXT LVL designs are some of the most incredible looking plastics I have ever seen. The best thing is that they are flat out affordable and made right here in the USA.  Want a custom color that they don't have yet?? No problem - just email Travis (founder and owner) with what you want and he'll make you any custom you want!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the new sponsorship announcements! Once I get all the details worked out with them, I will be introducing them as well. 

Of course, you will see lots of posts on here as well as my social media links with product updates from them.  I am not sharing this stuff just because that's what a prostaff member does....

I am sharing them because I truly believe in all of them. Even if I wasn't sponsored by these folks, I would be using their products and sharing them with everyone I know just like I already do!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah he's definitely a cool guy!! Those NXT LVL's are amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. I'll get some for you until you are back at it!

  3. Good for you. I bet my husband would like to be in your shoes right about now. I know he'll be reading to see what you think of the products for bass fishing.

    1. Thanks, Kim!! You will definitely be seeing lots of updates!

  4. That's awesome, man! That 7 blade spinner is ridiculously awesome looking!

    1. Thanks, Carf!! Yeah that thing is awesome. I see it as a legal alternative to the umbrella rig. It will still look like like a school of fish but it's all one bait!


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