BFA nominated for the Annual Kayak Choice Awards!!

Well I was going to do a post about this weekends short expedition to some new waters but I was alerted to some even more excited news!!

This little blog has been nominated for the Kayak Choice Awards!!

Thank you to those who nominated this blog and to all of those who will take the time to go and vote!!


Also, while you're voting, two of my teamates  on Lucid Fishing have been nominated for angler of the year!! So vote for Christana Weber or Jason Schall!!

And finally, my good friend Teddy Wozny (originator of Lucid Fishing) has his "Kings on Kayaks" video up for best video of the year!!

Overall, thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to visit BrookFieldAngler.com!!!


  1. Done...and no matter how it turns out, BFA is my favorite!


Let's hear it!


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