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35 more points for Kayak Wars!
Not a ton to report. I did get out to Lake Michigan for a couple of hours last Saturday for more coho action. While I was definitely out there to catch fish, I also wanted to do some experimenting with different things like torpedo weights, mini-planer boards, dodgers and flies, and this thing from Offshore Tackle called a tadpole.

The goal was to be ready for deeper water king salmon in the coming months and I am trying to figure out how to maximize the number of baits in the water with minimal rods and minimal line in the water. Trolling from a kayak isn't quite like trolling from a boat. Even though I have a Hobie kayak, I would still need to be able to clear dead lines pretty quickly if a fresh king salmon hits. After a bit of experimenting and conversation with a friend of mine, I think I have it narrowed down to a few different set ups.

Set up 1: Deeper - 3 rods, 2 of them will have torpedo weights and a slider rig so I can run 4 total spoons off to the side. Straight out the back, I will have one rod with a keel weight and a flasher/fly combo. This gives me the ability to try 5 different color combos at any given time and never really have more than 50 to 60 feet of line to clear on each rod.

Set up 2: Shallower - 3 rods, 2 with planer boards on each side of the boat and one straight out the back. Any of the rods could have spoons, cranks, or flasher/fly combos.

Set up 3: Mid depth - 3 rods, 2 with dipsey divers one each side of the boat and one straight out the back. Like combo 2, any of these can have spoons, cranks, or flasher/fly combos.

I won't be on the big lake again until June. This coming Saturday, I will be at a Hobie demo day at Quest Watersports in Ottawa helping the regional Hobie prostaffer field any questions that may come up. The crowd seems like it will be pretty big so I am happy to help. Plus, I have a tournament in that exact spot on the 14th of June so this will give me some time to do some prefishing and get to know the river a bit before hand.

EDIT: Rig one wont work because it would be too many hooks in the water! So that will be modified without the slider rig and will only have one spoon on each line.


  1. You try Jet divers yet?

  2. No and not sure I will. Not only do I need to get down, I also need to get out to the side. The jets only run straight

  3. Nick
    You are the Kayak man---what is your opinion of this type of kayak? http://www.orukayak.com/
    I saw this on Shark Tank the other night and thought about you

    1. I've always had a problem with anything collapsible. There is a collapsible boat too called the porta boat. Ultimately, my question is "why?". What problem does this actually solve? Storage? Transportation? All of which are already address in kayaks that aren't some crazy origami inspired contraption.

      It's gimmick is simply that folds up. It's price tag is ridiculous considering you can get one of those nice non folding kayaks for the same price or cheaper.

  4. I just looked up that "Kayak Wars" website, and holy cow...there's a billion people and species on there! Insane! I got lost. HAhahaha. How come I didn't see your name on the "Trout Mafia" team...or are you on another team? or is there an individual tourney? There's an overwhelming amount of stuff on there.

    I just joined an all bass one over at www.kayakbassfishing.com. Less confusing for me. Haha

    1. Yeah I joined too late to get on Trout Mafia. That one filled up pretty fast. I'm on Dupage River Anglers 2 and aside from one bass, I have put all the points on the board for the team. Hopefully once the weather starts warming up, the other guys will actually get out there and do some fishing.

      No sweat if they don't, I'm just trying to rack up as many personal points as possible.

    2. Maybe I'll try that one out next year. Once I'm done figuring everything out. There's an incredible amount of people on that site. WOW!


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