It's Official - I'll be fishing Kayak Wars This Year!

I've decided to break my strike on competitive fishing and enter a couple of events this year with the first official one being Kayak Wars!

I'm still working on details for the second event but I'll make that announcement once it's confirmed!


  1. Kayak wars is a pain unless you live right between an epic fresh water and salt water fishery. Those Flordia guys take most of the fun out of it for me.

  2. I agree. I was looking at it last year and we are pretty geographically challenged. There should be a Illinois Kayak War. All things being equal.

  3. There is a freshwater division that is broken down by territory. I would be in the North Central region. There are so many opportunities for big fish within a short drive. Musky, salmon, trout, bass, sturgeon, etc....we are in the epicenter!

  4. Good luck man. Should be a good year for big trout & salmon on the big lake.

  5. This ought to be interesting!


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