2014 Yellowstone Angler 8wt Shootout is up!

2014 Yellowstone Angler 8wt Shootout

Looking for an 8wt? This may help.

I think that most reviews/shootouts tend to have some sort of bias, but this is great starting point if you are just starting to look. Keep in mind though that some other lower priced competitors like Redington are missing from the test and from everyone I talk to, they are just as worthy a contender as TFO.


  1. Nick
    I agree Redington should be in the test. The Redington fly rod has one of the best prices for the money anywhere on the net. It not only has the best price but it is the lightest fly rod in its class for the money. Their Classic Trout and Tempt rod are some of the best made. Of course I am a little bias, because I had three of fly rod until recently when I had two stolen. I still have my 5 wt. and plan on getting my 4 and 3 wt. replaced with a Redington. The Classic Trout has been running on Cableas before Christmas for 75.00 regular price of 150.00. I bought 2 at that price and those were the one I had stolen. At the present time they are back up to 100.00, but they told me the other day they would put them back to 75.00 come spring. I will wait and get my 3 and 4 wt. at that time. I have found if one starts surfing the net you can find some great fly fishing bargains. Thanks for sharing

    1. I haven't heard much about their tempt line but that ct is practically worshipped in trout world. I have cast their pursuit 10wt and was beyond pleased. It wasn't quite as good as the xi3 but definitely better than the bvk in my opinion. Anyways, it just goes to show that these reviews are a reference point at best.


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