New laws in Illinois for 2014 that effect the outdoor folks

As of January 1st, 2014, there will be a slew of new laws here in Illinois. A few of them are directly effect us outdoor folks. Here is a list of the ones I could find.

HB 1650 - Requires commercial  fishermen to acquire sport licenses if they wish to sport fish
and expands the definition of commercial fishing devices to include watercraft

SP 1042 - Waives liability rules for landowners who allow people onto their property for a
variety of nature and recreation activities as long as they don't charge a fee

SB 1170 - Prohibits owning poached or illegally taken animals or parts of animals if it is illegal
to take the animal in the jurisdiction it was taken from

SB 1620 - Makes it illegal to wantonly waste or destroy usable meat from game animals

SB 1869 - Provides the corporate authorities of cities and villages must also maintain storm
sewers, detention basins and retention basins for drainage purposes

HB 0083 - Puts requirements in place for lawfully tethering a dog outdoors

HB 2754 - Creates National Wild Turkey Federation  and Curing Childhood Cancer license
plates; fees go to respective funds

SB 1530 - Prevents low‐speed/non‐highway vehicles from crossing interstates or toll roads;
clarifies that small, non‐motor racing boats are not required to have floatation

For a full list of laws, you can click this link

If I missed any, post them in the comment section and I will add them to the list!

Also, let me know your thoughts on the new rules!


  1. No new firearm laws affecting hunters?

    1. None that i know of....I am assuming those probably fell into new 2013 laws though I think most of those focused on concealed carry

  2. This is awesome!
    SB 1620 - Makes it illegal to wantonly waste or destroy usable meat from game animals

    So I wonder if my new kayak will be considered a "non‐motor racing boat" if i upgrade to the turbo fins and paint a racing stripe on it?

    1. Yeah I really love that one. I have to read a bit further into it though to figure out what they consider "game" animals.

      As for the racing thing...who cares? I think life jackets should be worn anyways

  3. Soooo if you hit a deer with your car then you now have to pick it up for the processor 1620 - but if its out of season then you break the new 1170 rule. ... yeah, makes me glad I moved south.

    1. There are provisions in the official public act. All of these bills have corresponding public act numbers which can be found on google. The public act for this one is Public Act 098-0183

    2. Yeah, I know. Just thought putting the two together was a bit funny. Hey Nick i dont know if you ever make it out to the Orvis in Yorktown Center but I got a painting hanging up for sale there. Just incase you wanted to see one of my recent pieces in the flesh. Happy holidays!

    3. I have not been in there but I love your stuff. One day I'll be able to splurge without the wife getting mad!! There's been a few pieces I really like! What's the biggest size you normally do?


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