Flying south

As I sat in traffic this morning, I was accompanied by temperatures in the mid forties and a gloomy gray sky that provided a soaking mist expected to last through the afternoon. Confirmation that it's almost time for winter.

It's time to find that box of winter clothes and that box of steelhead flies still packed from my move two and half months ago. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I was at a local pumpkin farm with my wife and son enjoying warm sun and blue skies.

As I sat there shifting my right foot from the pedal on the left to the one on the right over and over again, I saw that I am not the only one who is realizing that summer sun is transitioning into another cold and gloomy winter in the Midwest.

I'll be here all winter fishing in whatever open water I can find, sledding down the biggest snow covered hill I can find, and building snowmen with my little guy. My wife probably wishes she could fly with you geese but she's stuck here with me. You guys are missing out but I understand. I'll see you next year and don't worry, I'll still continue to hit the pedal on the left as you slowly meander across the road.

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  1. Nick
    As you get older you will find that those winters will come around a little too fast each year---------looking forward to some great winter post from you.


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