Finally get to put the 6wt back in action

One of my favorite rods is a 9' MHX 6wt that was built by FSA Customs. (technically, it's now an inch shorter thanks to me breaking the tip off this past winter) I have caught so many fish on that thing and it just keeps on going. Unfortunately, on my last trip to NY, I left the reel for it at the hotel. Luckily, I have a nice Madison II reel from Montana Fly Company sitting on my desk just waiting for it's chance to get in the game. What I didn't have for it was a fly line. Before I lost the reel, I had been using S.A. Mastery Series GPX line on the rod. That line has been a great match for the rod so far but tends to struggle a bit with poppers and heavier clousers at distances over fifty feet.

I finally decided that I am tired of not having this rod in the line up so I have been on the search for a replacement line that will work a bit better for me. After much research, I finally decided on Rio Clouser line. It has a longer head by about six feet over the GPX but a two and half foot shorter front taper; the rear taper is identical. According to Rio, this shorter "bullet" taper will help turn over the flies I tend to cast a lot.

Thankfully, a seller on Ebay was clearing out the 2012 inventory he had left over and I got the line for a steal. I love that manufacturers spend so much time and money into putting new graphics on a box but not actually changing the product. It let's cheap people like me wait for a year and buy the same product with an outdated box for half the price. Love it.

Once I get the line on the new reel, I will make sure to share my findings! My main concern with this line over the GPX is the lack of texture. Rio's XS Technology is supposed to be rather slick, but I will see if it as slick as I need it.

All for now!


  1. Nick
    I agree about the 6 wt. it is my go to rod for spots. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Bill. I took it out to the pond for about 5 minutes and the line seems promising. It seems to be a hair lighter than the GPX line so the rod feels a bit crisper. I also really like the taper. Tons of energy into the leader. I tied on the heaviest clouser I had that I usually throw on the 9wt. The 6wt had very little problem handling it. Very minor, if any, sharp loads at the end of the lines travel. Real world tests coming soon.

  2. Hi Nick,

    Keep us posted about the new line. I rarely use anything but SAs because of their durability. Just about any line works great out of the box, but the real test is how well it holds up. I'm curious about how brands other than SA hold up to heavy use, for example throwing heavily weighted flies into thick cover as we do for smallmouths.

    1. Hi Pete

      That is definitely something to think about. I fully admit that I take awful care of my lines. They are rarely cleaned, almost never conditioned, and are exposed quite a bit to the elements. So far, all of my SA lines have held up to my abuse/neglect quite well. We will see how the Rio line holds up.

  3. Does it feel any different to cast after the repair?

    1. Not really. If anything, it might be a touch on the faster side but even that's a stretch.


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