Allen Fly Fishing Co. - A real class act

Despite multiple failed attempts at free and/or discounted gear for reviews and giveaways with Allen Fly Company (AFF), I have to bring something great that they did to your attention. I also have to point out that I still use their reels and I happily pay full price for them.

Allen Fly Fishing is a small company that makes all kinds of fly fishing gear - reels, rods, hooks, and fly boxes to name a few - and are based out of Texas. They have been around since 2008 and really make some nice stuff. They are incredibly active in the community and their customer service is fantastic. That is exemplified by the following story.

On The Fly Fishing Forum, a member had purchased a reel from Allen and they were waiting on the new model to finish production before sending out the reel. In that time, the member had fallen upon some hard times and was forced to cancel the order. He wrote AFF and explained the situation of why he had to cancel the order. 

The response he received blew him away and it blew me away too.

"No worries, I'll send the refund but i'm still sending the reel"

How stellar is that?! While I am sure that this won't always happen (and I hope that people don't start making up sob stories to companies hoping for free stuff), the fact that it happened at all really says a lot about a company. Kudos to you AFF! Kudos to you!!


  1. Wow, that is really awesome of them!

    I've ordered some hooks from them, and I had more hooks than the quantity stated...I'm starting to think that wasn't a mistake.

  2. This is a great sign, Nick, that humanity and paying it forward is alive and well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nick
    First company I have ever heard of doing something like that, they are to be commended for caring more about their customer than actually sending a product; really an outstanding company. I will pay their website a visit. thanks for sharing

  4. I take my hat off to Allen Co. for their great customer service and response to this guy. That's the way this country used to be. Kudos!


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