Monkey See Monkey Do

This Father's Day was by all accounts a fantastic day! One of the highlights was heading to the Centennial Pool in Naperville with Rachel and Landon. If you haven't been there, and live in the area, I HIGHLY recommend taking your little ones there. It's a huge pool that has a nice beach style entrance for the little ones and tons of sand. It's about as close to going to an actual beach as one can get without actually going to a beach.

This is perfect for Landon because he loves everything about a beach -water, sand, being outside, people to watch, toys, etc...it's all there! One of the funniest and most memorable moments of the beach day was a classic case of monkey see monkey do.

There were two little girls that had dug a small hole. One of the girls laid in that hole and started pouring sand on herself while the other joined in the fun. It was the typical beach activity of burying someone in the sand. To a 22 month old people watcher, this activity was incredibly intriguing. Landon must have studied these two girls for a solid two minutes.

Suddenly, Landon sits down next to a hole that someone had dug earlier in the day and slowly starts to lay back. Rachel and I chuckled and asked, "What are you doing Landon?".

As the back of his head softly hit the sand, his eyes squinted as the sun directly entered them. His little left hand reached out to the sand and scooped up all that he could. He then lifted it high above his chest and let go. Rachel and I could do nothing but laugh!! That little man found what these two girl were doing so interesting that he just had to try it for himself.

Watching this kid grow and learn is one of the greatest parts of being a parent. Right before our eyes, he observed an activity, studied it to understand the process, and put what he just learned into action. Classic monkey see monkey do.


  1. That's too funny, and cute! Sounds like a great Father's Day!

    1. It was! Now the dinner that my wife made on the other hand....wait...never mind. I'm gonna get in trouble if i finish that statement :D

  2. You gotta love those little ones. But not so much until they are well out of their teens!


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