Opening weekend at the Driftless

In case you don't know, the driftless region is an amazing section of ice cold streams in the upper Midwest and a geological wonder.

I really don't fully understand the technical details but it seems as if the last round of glaciers to come across the US skipped this part. Underneath the surface, are caves and channels that carry air over underground ice which results in some very cold streams. For a more in depth explanation, you can go here or use that Google thing.

All I know for sure is that I had never been there and have been dying to go so I did just that. I was joined by Teddy from Lucid Fishing (and BFA writer) and Sam - aka Hoosier Fly Guy. We all met at my place around four in the morning, loaded up the truck, and headed out for the three and half hour drive.

By the time we arrived, the sun was rising above the never ending tree line and exposing the landscape's amazing beauty. These are the views of fly fishing legend and undoubtedly the source of countless pictures and paintings that hang on the walls of those who admire the blue lines on a map that carved these landscapes.

After admiring natures amazing handy work for a few minutes, we suited up and hit the water in search of whatever trout we could fool into thinking our tiny little flies were real food.

In the end, I have no idea how many fish we collectively caught but I can say that there were virtually no stretches of time that one of us wasn't either hooked up, landing a fish, or missing a strike.

We stuck around until just past eight o'clock that evening hoping for a hatch that never really happened but at that point in time, none of us really cared. The day was spectacular and we were all ready to start the long drive home.

With that, here are some pictures to tell the rest of the story

One of Sam's two brook trout - he was the only one to catch and brookies

Woz with a gorgeous brown on a size 16 prince nymph

Woz with the only rainbow of the day
Woz in motion

Another brown for Woz

Nick showing them how it's done

Nick's favorite brown of the day

How pretty is this?

Nick and Sam pursue some of the deeper fish
Some cows that Sam was afraid of

Sam's cow defense system

Deer skeleton that blended quite well. I didn't even see it until I almost stepped on it. 

Packing up and reflecting on the day

So long little stream! I'll see you again soon


  1. Hi, Nick. Always a great time when you can get on the water with a few friends who enjoy the fishing and the comraderie. Some pretty fish and a really pretty looking stream. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, guy who has changed the name of his blog again!

      I can't keep up with you, Mel!! HA HA

  2. That is some beautiful country you guys are in there. Even better that you added some fish to the equation. Great read and pics are amazing!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Tom!! I need to get you converted to slinging flies!! With your knack for craftiness, I think you'd really appreciate it.

  3. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Wish I could have tagged along with you guys. That brown that you're holding looks like it has some amazing markings...they look big and bold. This post has me itching to get back up there, and soon!

    1. We really did, Justin. If you had smelled Woz's feet after wading all day and not wearing socks, plus having to sit in the back with Sam, your wishes may have changed - be careful what you wish for as they say. LOL

      You are definitely right though, those browns are absolutely stunning. We got a lot of other pictures of other browns but just a few of them came close to showing how these things really look in real life. One of the most beautiful fish that roams the fresh water.

    2. Haha I still think it would have been worth it, given the weather and great fishing you guys had up there. I totally agree with you on those brown trout. They're gorgeous!

    3. I just seen seen this hey NICK !!! lol

    4. Ha! How did you even come across this?!

  4. Replies
    1. Glad to hear, Rev!! Thanks for stopping by!


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