The city of sin....all work and no play

My latest project has brought me to the city of sin - Las Vegas in case you didn't get that

I actually lived here for about 6 years so I it's a familiar place. The past few days have mostly been all work and not so much play.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though and am looking forward to seeing some really good friends again.

I head home Monday night and am taking off to Houston on Wednesday to return on the 16th....it's fishing time then!

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  1. Wow What a coincidence! I am headed to Vegas for the weekend myself. I will be there to celebrate my cousins 21st birthday, and have some fun with the family. I will give you a wave if I see you around.

  2. I imagine Lake Mead would be good fishing, what are the other fishing opportunities around Las Vegas?


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