Fishing Report - Fox River Grand Slam?

Smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, and redhorse - those four species in a day equals a Fox River Grand Slam!

Ok, maybe not...at least not officially. Now if there was a musky in place of that redhorse then I'd call it a grand slam for sure!

Ed and I met up on a tributary to the Fox for an afternoon of flooded river fishing. Neither one of us has fished this tributary before but we heard from a "reliable" source that under normal conditions, the stream is ankle to knee deep all the way to the mouth of the Fox.

After two hours, a few missed fish, and a redhorse - I can comfortably say that this little knee deep creek is filled with monster boulders and few fisherman eating holes. I can also say that if Illinois had trout water, this stream would be one of the best out there.

Ed with a nice redhorse caught on a white grub

Once we hit the mouth of the stream with little to show for our efforts, except a wet cell phone and an ass puckering discovery of big hole, we headed upstream on the Fox. This is where it got fun - at least in terms of fishing.

I ended up with a 14 or 15" largemouth that hit a chartruese over white clouser, a solid 16" smallmouth on a blue over white clouser, and hooked a nice walleye with that same fly. As I was reaching down to grab the fish, he gave one last head shake and spit it. In the heat of the battle and in my excitement of what would be my first walleye on the fly, I almost made a very bad move. My disappointment was quickly remedied by a moment of clarity.  I realized in retrospect that I almost tried to lip that thing! My fingers are grateful that he spit the hook.

I swear I wasn't intentionally going for the anti-smile photo here

Ed stuck with the proven white grub and a plastic hellgrammite on a jig head worked slow along the bottom for a couple of smallies and two eyeballs.

All fish were released to be caught again!


  1. You guys had a great outing. Great high water action. I wish I could say the same but it has been a rough year for me for sure. Hope you keep getting em.

    1. You'll find them soon, Tom!! One of these days I'll get out with you again and see if we can catch some greenies!

  2. I have a picture in my collection somewhere of how to lip a walleye. It's not as difficult as you think. You'll recognize the background, same spot.

    I'm surprised no smallies in the creek. They should have been there.

    1. They could have been there...we just missed them, gave them the wrong stuff, or (the most likely)we just put our stuff in the wrong areas.

      One of the guys on WCF hit the same stretch we hit yesterday and lost count after 15 fish.

  3. Looks a productive day! I got to get on some walleye immediately haha!

    1. Not gonna lie...unless you're fishing for a meal, I've had better fights from a snagged stick

  4. Ed,
    How can I find your tributary to the Fox, so that I may participate in your unusual Grand Slam of Largemouth, Smallmouth, Red House and Walleye? This tributary of the Fox has a location that is accessible? I live in Plainfield and tired of the skinny water DuPage with little Smallmouth to be found except for 10 year veterans of that river system who know all of the wholes. If you are willing to send it to me by email, I will follow up with posted comments and a picture to let you know of my success. I sure could use a new location of great variety. From one fisherman to another.

  5. Ed,
    I sure would like to attempt a Grand Slam on the Fox Tributary you speak about in this blog. I truly need some other better river than the DuPage river system having better Largemouth, Smallmouth, Red Horse, and Walleye combined, that can't be had on the DuPage. If you are willing to share some information on the Tributary of the Fox, I will follow up with pictures and comment posting because you assisted. I could use a new water system for success.


    1. Hey Lorenzo,

      I don't want to flat out name the tributary but I'll give you a hint that should lead the way. It's in Yorkville, is a tributary of the Fox, and the blogger Ken G frequently mentions in it in his blog. (bonus hint: Ken G commented above you)


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