New 2wt!

It is finally done!!

I picked up a 6'6" 2wt Batson Rainshadow blank on Ebay for next to nothing and sent it directly to Ed at FSA Custom Rods to add all the goodies like real seat, guides, grips, etc...in order to make it a usable fly rod.

My instructions were simple, nothing over the top, and cheap. After all, this rod will spend a lot of time in my suitcase, the back of my truck, and chasing trout and gills all over the country. The thought of having something over the top was just beyond my comfort level.

Well, the rod has been delivered and I couldn't be happier!

The blue metallic thread is insane. It looks a million times better in the sun

Blue tiger wrap

Metallic blue with metallic silver accents

Rosewood reel seat

Custom shaped cork 

I haven't had a chance to cast it yet as it is cold and windy here in the Chicagoland area but as soon I get a chance, I'll be out there in the lawn.

As of now, I plan on fishing it on Sunday and in mid-March, it will be casting tiny dry flies to some brook trout in Maryland.


  1. Nice, dude! That blue metallic wrap definitely looks sharp. I like it!

    1. Thanks, Justin! I added you blog to my local blog roll

  2. Brook
    Nice looking fly rod, I have never tried a 2 wt, got a couple of 3 wts, I assume they are close in action. I especially like the color of this rod and the rose wood reel seat. Am I wrong here,but do I see a Redington Drift reel on this rod??? thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Bill. I've actually never tossed a 2wt either, but I have fish a 0wt and loved it. I figure the 2wt will be perfect for dries and a 4wt is in the planning stages for smaller streamers and double nymph rigs.

      And your eyes serve you well...that is a Drift 3/4 on there.

  3. Nice! Very Nice! I like the blue wraps as well!

    1. Thanks, Kevin! I am now working on a complimentary 4wt!

  4. Very sweet! Now you need to get a topo map and Chase down some random blue lines. That rod would look awesome next to some bluegills.

    1. Yep...I am a blue line lover! Bluegills are gonna be a blast on this thing...I am sure the occasional bass will end on the other end as well. That's gonna be interesting


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