Fly Recipe: Da Egg

Target species for fly: Steelhead

Da Egg is a fly that is based off a pattern that I saw somewhere on there internet, I just can't remember where! The original was tied with simple chenille, but I subbed it out for Estaz and added a bead to the mix.

It's an incredibly simple tie and best for for steelhead in slower pools on a dead drift. I think the reason it works is because it looks like a big egg with a visible embryo when in the water...or it could look like nothing at all except a snack. Who knows, but it works!

I tie this up in blue, orange, and pink - all have a red center - in sizes 6 to 10.

For this SBS, we will tie up a pink one on a Tiemco 5263 size 10

Step 1.
Add bead to hook and lay down a tight thread base to the barb

Step 2. Tie in estaz and advance thread to just past the hook point

Step 3. Make approximately 5 wraps with the estaz making sure that the wraps are tight to each other. Then tie off and cut away extra estaz. 

Step 4. Tie in red chenille and advance thread forward

Step 5. Wind red chenille being sure to build a somewhat bulbous and round form. Once shape is built, tie off and trim away excess chenille. 

Step 6. Tie in Estaz

Step 7. Wrap estaz forward the same number of wraps as you did on the previous section of estaz. Be sure that the estaz is tight against the bead. 

Step 8. Whip finish and cut thread!

© 2012, BrookFieldAngler


  1. Brook
    Great variation of the egg pattern; when I think of the egg I think of this little ball of felt--I really like this pattern--thanks for sharing

  2. I was as surprised as anyone when it landed two steelies within 30 minutes. regular egg patterns didn't get a sniff for a couple of hours before hand. Tied this fly on and it was fish on.


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