Not a whole lot going on over here. The weather has been strange to say the least and fishing has been less than poor. I've only been out twice this year and haven't caught anything worth mentioning.

I did break the tip on my FSA Custom Rods 6wt. Unfortunately, there isn't a super saga about how it happened. No "monster fish that pulled so hard after a thirty minute battle that the rod just couldn't take it anymore" story.


Instead, the real story is that it broke when I was trying to clear some ice off the tip. Luckily, it literally snapped at the tip so I'm not losing much from the rod. If anything, maybe it will speed the rod up a hair with its new one inch shorter length.

I suppose I could use this to segue into a gear review.......

Loon Outdoors - Stanley's Ice Off Paste

The temperature was in the upper 20's on this January day and after the guides iced up for the ninety third time, I remembered that Loon Outdoors sent me some of this Ice Off Paste to try out. It had been sitting in my pack for a few months and only now was the weather cold enough to actually try it out.

The first application was applied very conservatively on the guides and didn't last for more than a half-a-dozen casts before the ice was back. I thought that perhaps I just needed more? So I applied it much more liberally the second time around and probably got a good dozen or so casts without any ice!

Then it came back and that is when the aforementioned tip breakage occurred.

I just read the "How to Use" link on their page - literally just now - and it mentions that you should add it to the line as well. Perhaps this was the missing link to a successful trial - I'll try that next time I am out and the temperatures are cold enough.

In other news...

The Chicago Outdoor Sports Show is coming on the 23rd of January and running through the 27th. I will be working the Lucid Fishing booth on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, so stop by and say hello!

If you don't have yourself a pair of Lucid Grips yet, this would be a great time to pick some up!!

I think that does it for this episode of So...uhmm...yeah

See you next time!


  1. The weather has been crazy out here in Arizona as well. We actually saw an 17*F low temp! In Tucson! Its hard to get out when the weather is being extreme. Sorry about your pole, that always sucks.

    1. Wow that's downright arctic for you AZ folks!!!!

      Unfortunately I can't control the weather so when I have the opportunity to get out, I go regardless of the conditions.

      Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't

  2. Really a bomber when you break one of favorite fishing rods, hope you can repair it.

  3. I feel you, I have been skunked 4 trips in a row. I actually passed going a few times because it just didn't seem worth it. Cash is to tight to hit the coast. The spring will bring new opportunities.

    1. That's a tough streak. I am kinda surprised that the coast is that tough in the winter - especially in the milder climate you have.

      But yeah - the spring is the beginning of the real fun!

    2. IT is not the coast, I live 2 hours inland (although Rock fish fishingin the ocean is currently closed until May). The river is super low and they just are not biting.

  4. Sorry about the rod. I've never had any of my glass break due to cold weather.

    1. I was actually thinking about picking up Fontailis' Kabuto blank. Never had a fiberglass fly rod, or even cast one, so I am a bit hesitant to pony up the cash for it.

  5. Hi, Nick. If it makes you feel any better, you are not the only one to have managed to do that with the ice in a guide. Why, I remember one day I was fishing with a new Sage LL 8'9" 3wt.........
    Note the word "was". That was a long time ago. Thanks for resurrecting a memory!

    1. Ouch - when you put the word "Sage" in that story, it makes it sting even a bit more. When you add the word "new" in there as well....well let's just say if I was a drinking man, I'd be sobbing over my beer right now

  6. While I have never broke a rod tip in the fashion you did, I have broken too many to count. Rather than admit I am not careful enough, I choose to say I have many 'customized' rods that are not offered in the specific length I was looking for. I mean who hasn't desired a 6'10 3/4" over a 7'?!


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