Gear Review: AFTCO Clothing

A while back, thanks to Outdoorbloggernetwork.com and AFTCO, I was chosen to review a few items. I received an AFTCO Technical LS Fishing Shirt, a pair of AFTCO Waterproof Fishing Pants, and an AFTCO Fathom Fishing Hat.

Initial Impressions
As I pulled everything out of the box, gave it a quick look, and tried it on to make sure it all fit, the quality seemed top notch as did the fit. The main point is that if you use the sizing guide on the AFTCO site, the stuff you order should fit fine. 

The style on the Shirt is a bit....

Well let's throw out this disclaimer first - I haven't see a "technical fishing shirt" from any maker that doesn't look a bit on the Crocodile Dundee side of fashion...some may even say it looks a bit dorky. When you put some roll up sleeves on a button down shirt, then add two big pockets on the front, a collar, and a big flap on the back to allow some incoming breezes and circulation, you are bound to end up with that. I think it's truly a matter of function over form and the AFTCO shirt is no different. 

In terms of the pants, they are quite simple and look like a pair of workout pants with a nylon exterior. In all reality, they look just fine. 

The hat is where it's at! The fathom hat is just a cool looking hat...period. It's one of those "fitted" hats with the flex headband to fit most heads. Apparently I have a small head and if it were any smaller, it might make me look like a toddler trying to be cool and wear Daddy's hat. 

LS Technical Fishing Shirt
Shirt - While it may not be the coolest looking thing on the planet, it sure is functional!! I got to use it on a couple of 90+ degree days and stayed surprisingly cool. Sunscreen wasn't needed either which is nice because I hate how greasy it is. The pockets are unstylishly large but they sure are nice to put just about anything you want it them from fly boxes to a camera....they hold a lot. 

The roll up sleeves are also quite nice. There are a couple of straps with a button that quickly and easily ensure that the sleeves stay rolled up until you want them to come down. Keeping style out of it, I give this shirt a solid two thumbs up. 

Pants - I'm not gonna lie; I've only had one chance to use them and it wasn't a very rainy day....more of a misty, drab, and gray day. I really wish I would have had them with me for my Florida flats trip as it poured buckets. Still, on my damp and misty day, my legs stayed a lot drier than my upper body did so another solid two thumbs up. These roll up quite small, so it sure doesn't hurt to have these things in your truck in case...I'd say my only complaint about them is that they are a bit noisy when you walk. 

Fathom Fishing Hat
Hat - Not sure how to really do a big detailed review except to say that I pretty much don't wear any other hats since I got this one and I am almost never without a hat. It's comfortable, breaths well, doesn't itch, looks cool, and hasn't lost it's shape or color no matter how wet it gets or how much sun it blocks from my head. Definitely two thumbs up!

All three items I received are great products that I would gladly pay full price for. The prices are reasonable when compared to similar products and in some cases, I think that these are some "must have" items of clothing. The shirt is almost a must in hot and sunny weather. The hat is a must when it comes to fishing because it truly helps you see fish. Have you ever been trying to look into the water without one? If you have, then I am sure you have had a hand over your eyes to help block out the sun. The hat is a constant hand over your eyes so your actual hands can do more fishing. The pants, well, it just makes sense to have a pair in the truck...you never know when that rain may ruin a day of fishing without good rain gear. 


  1. Where do you get those wonderful toys... :D

  2. Well the only thing I can say is if the shirt is a large or x-large send it to me...I'm terribly un-stylish. I like those style of shirts when I fish.

    1. Not a chance, buddy...

      That baby is hanging in the closet waiting for this thing called winter to end so it can keep me cool in all of its unstylish glory!

  3. Nice review, I was relieved you didn't get sent any AFTCO boxers or man thongs! o.0

    1. The pictures would have been much better, though....

  4. I purchased these for my son and he absolutely loved them. The sleeves are a bit large but my son says they are more comfortable this way, so my son and I give them thumbs up! i would recommend Hook & Tackle 1013S Men's Gulf Stream S-Sleeve Fishing Shirt


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