Well as may have guessed, this marks the 200th post on BrookFieldAngler.com!

Before I get to the massive giveaway, a few quick thoughts....

This little blog has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple years and it keeps getting bigger! We are currently averaging around 7,500 page per month with hundreds of friends through Google, Facebook, and Twitter!

I started this blog with no expectations or knowledge of what blogging was all about. For me, it was a logical place to post stories for me to look back on and maybe even learn from. "What worked in the past?" "What didn't work?" were a couple of things I thought could be useful in the future. I had always been mildly interested in website building so I also saw it as a way to tinker around here and there to learn a bit. 

I have to admit that I never expected to see it grow to what it is today and I can't wait to see what it has become in a couple more years. 

I would like to send out a few "thank yous" as well starting with Blake from Illinois Wisconsin Fishing who was kind enough to share my page on his own. I have tried my best to return the favor and pay it forward and will continue to do so. I would also like to thank the Outdoor Bloggers Network for giving us bloggers a central place to discover, learn and share. 

In addition, I have to thank the other writers on the site and those who have found the time to do a guest post here and there. We wouldn't be close to that 200 post count if it wasn't for you1

I will also not forget all of those people and companies that you see at the top and side of the page. They have really helped make this passion of mine a much more affordable endevor - Custom built Rods from FSA Custom Rods, some of the best spinners on the market from Sims Spinners, the absolute best soft plastics out there from StankX and Bizz Baits, and huge pike flies to name a few!

Finally, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read, comment, email, etc...This place would be a lot more boring if it was just me!

As a thank you, my friends and Lucid Fishing and Predator-Pursuit Indiana Musky Guide Service have pitched in to sponsor the biggest give away that we have ever had!

This is a winner take all contest with a few little things that you have to do to win!

But first, here are the prizes!

Prize #1
A set of the toughest fish grips on the market from Lucid Fishing!!

Prize #2
A FULL day musky trip with guide and equipment for 1 to 2 people with Predator Pursuit Musky Guide Service!!!!

Now for the rules, disclaimers, and how to enter!!!

In order to win, you must:

1. Visit Facebook

2. "Like" Lucid Fishing on Facebook

3. "Like" Predator-Pursuit on Facebook

4. "Like" BrookFieldAngler and share the Announcement post!!!

That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once Predator Pursuit and Lucid Fishing each have 100 "likes", the winner will be chose by a random number generator.

The winner will then have to send me their full name, mailing address, and 3 possible dates for their guided musky trip.

Please note - Indiana fishing license is not included but can be purchased here.
A "Full" day of fishing includes at least 8 hours of actual fishing time. Travel time to and from lakes and lunch stops are not counted as fishing time. This is a true 8 hours of actually fishing!! Only the guide service is covered - travel to and from Indiana, lodging, and meals are not covered. 


  1. Wow, 200 posts. That is great man. Sorry I have not been on much hopefully once I get some good fishing vids I will have some good stories. Congrats on 200!!!

  2. COngradulations. It is crazy isn't it? I got over 9000 hits last month myself. Just glad people seem to like our stuff, keep it up Nick.

    1. Thanks, Dan!! It really is quite crazy and feel great knowing that so many people find sites like ours

  3. WOW! 200 posts, and 7500 hits a month! Congratulations on your success!

    1. Thanks, Ricky! It's amazing watching that monthly average go up and up each month

  4. Awesome Nick! Glad FSA could be part of the magic!

    1. Glad it could be as well!! Can't wait for more rods!

  5. Gratz on the 200th post and all the traffic!

  6. Congrats buddy. It's a lot of work to make a successful anything. Blogging is an endeavor that you either pour yourself into or you fail. Good job. By the way, I just hit 640 posts...I never noticed.

  7. Thanks, Howard!! Sounds like you need to do a giveaway! 5 minute free shopping spree at the 3 geezers fly show - if you can hold it, you can have it.

  8. You are a good man to celebrate in such a fashion Nick! Congrats on the blog, it's a keeper, no pun intended.


  9. Done . . . . and Congratulations!


Let's hear it!


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