Hurricane in Chicago!

While Chicago didn't experience the devastation that the east coast did from Hurricane Sandy, we still received some good winds and big waves - in Lake Michigan terms

For those who wish to donate to the victims of the Hurricane, you can do so through the Red Cross by clicking here

I headed down to the lake front on Tuesday to check them out for myself.

Here are a few photos!

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  1. Those are great photos! I am in central Maine and we mostly dealt with high winds and rain. We've had some flooding and power outages, but nothing like the states south of us.

    1. Hi Ashley. Glad to hear you guys came out OK. The states south of you really got it bad!!!

  2. Having been born and raised for the first five years of my life within sight of Lake Michigan, nothing surprises me. Glad to hear there wasn't much in the way of damage.


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