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Hey fellas!!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Getting ready for the Caymans trip was hectic and it seems like it won't slow down now that I've been home. I've been dealing with insurance companies and all sort of stuff since we had a little accident down on the island.

Well shortly after landing I took my lady for a little drive to some of my favorite fishing spots on the island. On the way home a driver in oncoming traffic must not have seen us and turned head on into us. Great way to start the trip. Fortunately everyone was able to walk away.
(we were in the maroon honda)
It took us a day to lay around and recoup from being a little sore. None the less, we were still a little sore but I was there to see the family and get some major fishing time in. So Jenna and I headed down to the fish market where the tarpon hang out all day waiting for the locals to throw scraps of fish guts and gills in the water.

I grabbed a few gills and rigged them up on my gamu circle hooks. 10 minutes later my reel was screaming and the first tarpon met its match! (by match I mean the rod FSA Custom Rods built for me known as the tarpon slayer)

Jenna was funny, she had no interest in catching a 'big' fish...as she thought she'd be content with the small guys. Well....after she saw me land the first tarpon she, nothing short of, stiff armed me and stole my rod. Another 20 minutes went by and she was on. She made 4 jump before she got a good hook set on one. I asked if she wanted me to set the hook and then she could fight it...but she'd have non of that nonsense. So she landed one all on her own.

It was an incredible trip. I did some small squid fishing in the back yard on the 7 mile beach by some reefs. Ended up with lots of random small 1-2lb fish and a real nice surprise of a bone-fish about 2am one morning I couldn't sleep.

Outside of fishing we spent some time with the sting rays, drinking lots of wine, smoking lots of cuban cigars, and tons of fresh seafood. It was a great trip. If you ever head down that way drop me a line and ill make sure you get on some good fish.

OK...and the picture show!!!

Every morning starts out with coffee with mom and dad.

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  1. So glad you guys didn't get hurt.

    1. Thanks Dan! Broken middle finger, but hey you only need the thumb and index finger to reel:)

    2. Thanks Dan! Broken middle finger, but hey you only need the thumb and index finger to reel:)

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  3. What a way to start off your trip - so glad both of you were ok. Otherwise, it looked like a wonderful time!

  4. Glad you're back safe and sound. Take me next time.

    1. You got it! I'd love to get a bunch of guys together and tear it up

  5. Epic post, this had everything... defying death in a collision +1, amazing scenery +1, cigars +1, wine +1, beautiful woman +1, awesome fish +1. Nicely done and glad you guys are okay!

    1. HA! I didn't even think about it like that. And thanks!

  6. You are so lucky in more ways than I can count. Thanks for sharing!



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