Salmon on the fly

Headed out to Indiana this past weekend with fellow BFA writer and founder of Lucid Grips, Teddy (Woz), to see if the kings and coho were in the creeks yet.

The water was very low in most of the prime fishing spots. One creek was so low that the mouth into Lake Michigan was little more than a trickle and only received water when a wave would make it up the beach.

A few fish were still in the various creeks, but the numbers just aren't there yet. In order to find any real groups, it took a lot of foot work and exploration.

In the end, between the two of us, we hooked up with 4 fish but only successfully landed one. Woz had his GoPro with him, so we managed to get a pretty awesome release video.

Even though these fish don't successfully spawn in these creeks, it was still a great feeling to watch it swim away and continue on its genetically ingrained journey before the end of its short life.

Providing a decent amount rain in the next week or so, the run should be in full force soon. Stay tuned for some more salmon on the fly.


  1. Yea, the low water in SE Wisconsin has caused us to change our annual salmon trip venue to Northern Michigan this weekend.

    1. I heard that the Root was recorded today at a dismal 4cfs!! That's insane

    2. You wont regret your decision. Northern Michigan is beautiful and has plenty of fish!

  2. looks like those grips have held up well, kudos!


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