Well, things have been a bit hectic so fishing has slowed down a bit. I did manage to make it out to the Des Plaines River last week for a couple of hours. I explored some new territory above what used to be the Hoffman Dam. I waded from about 1/2 mile upstream down to the old dam location.

The river there is quite interesting. I was always under the impression that it was nothing but mud upstream from the dam but I was quite surprised when I realized that it was pure bedrock. One really interesting thing is that there is a notch that runs with the river. Apparently, the notch was cut many years ago to give the river a bit of depth for boating. The river drops from 2 or 3 feet all the way down to 7 feet or more. Wading this part can be a bit dangerous if you aren't aware of this notch as it literally drops straight down.

I didn't catch anything in that section, but I can see a ton of potential if you fish the notch correctly. I headed a bit downstream of the dam next and managed one largemouth bass. It wasn't very big, but it was good to catch one there. There is a lot of concern about the silt that was released when the dam was removed, but it looks like nature is doing its thing and the fish are doing OK.

After that, I took a couple of pictures of the newly removed damn now that it is completed. I must say that it looks great! Once the native plants and grass grow on the newly exposed land, it will look like a very natural area in the middle of an urban setting.

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The weekend before that, I headed out with my friends from Predator-Pursuit Musky guide Service in northern Indiana. With me was BFA writer Woz and my friends Shannon and Scott. I created their website for them and also maintain it so I had a couple of goals in mind for this trip. The first was obviously all about catching musky!Additionally, I wanted to get some pictures and video for the website and other social media outlets.

Although the conditions were a bit tough that weekend, we managed to accomplish both! Woz landed a nice 40+ musky on a big double 10 bladed spinner and I came in with a small 32" on a sucker. The sucker was hung up in some weeds, so I started to pull it out when it got slammed! It was really neat to watch the entire thing unfold.

Nice fish, Woz! I like the Lucid Grips, too ;)

My little ski that could....

The sunset on Sunday was incredible!!!

With Woz's help, we were able to put together a fantastic little promo video that I have been wanting to do for quite some time! Head over to Predator-Pursuit.com and check it out!! It's right on the home page.


  1. I hate to say it, but that looks like some nice water and some good fishing. I'll check out the video this evening.

    1. It is GREAT water! The fish were just negative that weekend. We had a lot of lazy follows, but getting anything to commit was rare. Such is musky fishing!

  2. any musky is a nice one...a ton of fun to catch!

    1. Yes they are! I'll be heading up in a month just before ice up for one last shot

  3. If you would have gone into the pool above the dam before it was removed, you would have found the mud you were looking for. As for silt moving down stream, look at the water whenever we have a high water event. It looks like mud. The fish live through it just fine. I'm curious to what will happen on Salt Creek come the spring migration season. That could be good if all goes well.

    1. As am I.....

      I will say that I have noticed a huge increase in small fish by my house on the Salt. In the past, you might see one or two every now and then, but I have seen schools of them on a fairly regular basis. I watched one slam a bug that was fluttering on the surface last week. Quite exciting


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