Care Package from Big Pike Flies!!

I love those days when I get home from work and find a mysterious package in the mail box.

Thoughts race through my head....

Did I order something that I forgot about?

Is it fishing stuff?

Is it going to blow up?

Did someone find my wallet that I lost a year ago?

Eagerly, I start ripping it open to solve the mystery!

As I opened it and realized what it was, I couldn't help but give an appreciative smile even though the sender would never get see.

I also couldn't help but chuckle at his impeccably awesome timing!

I have a musky on the fly trip coming up in October and needed a few BIG poppers. Imagine my surprise when I had two brand new ones just show up at the door.

Thanks, James!!!

Thanks for the poppers and the stogie! I'll light that baby up after I land that musky!

To get your own poppers, or other Big Pike Flies, head to James' website!

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  1. Hi Angler,

    I have been visiting your site about few days and found that this a great blog site.I will be very glad if I able to post a guest post here.Feel free to knock me emon07@live.com


    1. as if that comment makes a lot of sense on a fishing site...

  2. I love gettin stuff in the mail instead of junk and bills. Fishing gear and a cigar???? U lucky s.o.b

  3. Musky on the fly? Where you headed to?!?

  4. Can't beat a care package like that!

    1. Well...a stack of 100 dollar bills might beat it, but yeah...definitely tough to beat a care package like this!

  5. Can't wait to see what those bring in.

  6. Justin Carfagnini9/10/2012 9:32 PM

    Those poppers look awesome! Hope they attract some Pike for you! What wt rod will you be using to throw those?

    1. I should be able to throw them with the 8wt but will be using a 10 for the upcoming musky trip


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