What's with you and carp?!

A couple of days ago, I told Mrs. BFA, that I was going to head out after work on Thursday to go check out a new spot.

(By told, I mean that I begged)

When she asked what I was fishing for, I quickly answered, "carp."

Now, before I continue....

Have you ever heard a question so seemingly outrageous to you that you were practically speechless after hearing it? You know, one of those questions that hits you like a punch to the gut from Tyson? I'd imagine the first time a child sees their parents trying to make another baby and asks, "What are you guys doing?" would be a great example.

What the heck do you say?! How do you respond to that?!



you see....

what had happened....

Well, that's pretty much what I sounded like when her follow up question to my previous answer of "carp" came.

"What's with you and carp, lately?" she asks

After stammering for a minute or so and being completely rendered speechless, I finally came up with an answer

"You just need to catch one"

and a mission

The wife needs to catch a carp


  1. alot of fisherman will look at you funny too when you talk about rough fish, not me, i get off on carp and red horse

  2. I think you're a little nuts but that is not necessarily a bad thing :D

    1. A little nuts is definitely not a bad thing...it keeps people guessing without being scared


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