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I am pleased to announce a new writer to Team BFA!!! So, please welcome Teddy Wozny to the team! His bio can be be found here

Here is his first post!!
Greetings all. I’m grateful to Nick for giving me the opportunity to share some of my fishing adventures with you.

The unfortunate truth about fishing is the enthusiasm that I have for fishing. It is rarely and most of the time half heartedly shared with those that I truly love. My family, my friends do not understand my constant urge, need, and desire to merely seek out, capture, or obtain those underwater beasts that pull me out of my everyday life and bring me into situations that I find myself in 30 degree winter weather, while wading in rivers or sitting, smoldering in 100 degree sun. The most that I may hope for is an automated response of “awesome”, “cool”, and from my female (gf) is a “wow that sunset in the background is so pretty”.  So I find myself being secret friends with people I do not know. Brothers in arms with anglers that I may only know by their hashname, avatar, or handles that run along the lines of fishmaster, bob the bass guy, and other names of such nature. Yet, these people motivate me with their own stories of conquest and glory, however minute they may be, to constantly search for that next secret spot…that cool new technique or the biggest beast I may hope for in a tiny creek in Wisconsin. These people are like minded souls who realize that it is not how delicious the fish may be, or how big the biggest tiny brook trout I may have caught, but realize it’s the passion, the search the adventure of not knowing what may be at the end of the hook. The same people that it takes 45 minutes to throw their “last cast”, the same people that make excuses for their fish being tiny and say “hey man a fish is a fish”. As ‘A River Runs Through It’ taught us…it’s the art of the catch and not the catch itself that brings us out in unbearable conditions to constantly search for that fleeting joy of catching fish. It is these people that motivate me, their stories that let my brain hear the theme song from Rocky and turn me into the formidable fish brawler. It is us far and few between who truly understand what it means to fish.

It is other anglers such as Nick or as I know him, Brookfield Angler, that have inspired me in my first 14 months of fishing.  With that said I found myself on an unsuspecting Saturday morning meeting with Nick and a couple others on “Carp Alley”. I’m greeted by the welcoming words “you better have your fly rod with you Woz”. Well I’m no dummy; I mean my automobile is a storage locker of fishing gear. You never know what situation you’ll find yourself in, and the last thing we all want to say to ourselves is, dang I left that in the garage.

I was excited when Nick handed me one of his handcrafted backstabber flies and gave me the quick rundown of hunting carp on the fly.  We spent the first 20 minutes spotting carp from higher vantage points and positioning ourselves to start casting. At this point I could have gotten the skunk and still gone home happy just by the camaraderie and learning something new.

As this was my first experience with carp I watched my fellow angler to see how he was stripping his fly and immediately followed suit. With the overcast skies creating holograms of clouds on the water we could not see the carp at water level. I started blind casting to the bank farthest from me and there it was bamf, pow, ZINNNNG FISH ON!

I couldn’t believe the fight in these fish. If it hadn’t been for the 90+ degree temperature I would’ve thought I had a steelhead on the line. After about 5 minutes Nick and his landing net had secured my first carp! A quick picture and safe release met with a fist bump or congrats. What a rush. Not the biggest but most definitely a furious little trash ball. Next time I’ll make sure to bring my scale.

After I got home I could not stop thinking about the fight these great fish put up. Am I really chasing trash fish? Well I went out the very next day to make sure this wasn't just a fluke or a touch of beginners luck. Following the advice given the day before, I started casting out to where I saw some carp feasting. Slowly bumping my fly across the bottom it happened again ZINNNNG. The carp completely inhaled the fly and had him hooked inside the mouth on the tongue. The fight lasted a little over 6 minutes which made me realize how much I like having a fighting butt on my 8wt. My second carp...If I was't hooked the first time I definitely am now.

I implore all of you to quit your jobs, sell all of your spinning gear, get a van down by the river, and catch carp forever. Okay, okay, maybe not that extreme but seriously, carp on the fly has to be one of the most exhilarating freshwater fights I could recommend.

A good 8wt rod and reel, a 10+ lb leader paired with at least 10lb tippet (I was using 17lb fluorocarbon), a staple backstabber fly, and you’ll hear your reel screaming in no time.
Whether you’re chasing tiny trout in mountain streams, saltwater behemoth tarpon, or furious carp in slow moving waters make the best out of it and master every situation safely and with tight-lines.  ~Teddy~

© 2012, Brookfieldangler


  1. Nice to see you writing on Nick's site Woz!! It is a great platform to tell the whole story!! Congratz!!


  2. Ditto to both the previous! Cant wait to see some more from you, You should recap your smokies trip here ;)

    1. That's a great idea! I was thinking about sharing some good trip ideas while spending little money. That trip to the smokeys I spent under $450 for the entire week.

    2. well the photos alone were breathtaking

  3. Awesome!!! Glad you had a mentor as a guide to the greatest all round freshwater gamefish! Sweet, I live for these things.


    1. It was definatey needed. Just how to retrieve the fly was crucial to landing those guys.

  4. Great to see you as a writer here Woz. Let me know when you want to get out for fly action.

    1. Jon we need to get out soon. You're not far away. Maybe we can find some good carp spots. Have you ever chased carp on the fly?

  5. Welcome to the madhouse Woz! Give us some honest dirt on Nick!!

    1. Some honest dirt huh....well outside of having sweet gear and some great techniques I'll have to keep my eyes open to find some dirt. On a side note he catches some beastly blue gills. Stay tuned.


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