Family Bassin

I was able to make it out with my uncle and a couple of cousins this past weekend for a little bit of family bassin'. We fished a bit Saturday night on Geneva and landed a couple of nice largemouth as well as a handful of rock bass.

On Sunday, we wanted to fish Delavan so we woke up at 4:30 and were on the water by 5:45. The action began immediately as I quickly missed five fish on the frog within twenty minutes. I must admit that I have really lost my touch a bit since I have been fly fishing for the past several months. As a matter of fact, this was the first time throwing conventional bass stuff in almost eight months. It gave us hope, though, that it was going to be a great day on the water!!

After fishing the scum for a few more minutes, we headed for deeper water. Within a few minutes, my uncle landed a nice 4lb'er on a drop shot. After that....

chirp chirp

chirp chirp

For the next few hours we couldn't land a thing and as the morning progressed, the pleasure boater traffic exploded. Around 11:45, we decided to give it fifteen more minutes. Then, in typical dramatic fashion, the fishing gods smiled upon us and the bite turned on allowing us to land three nice fish within ten minutes!!

4lb on a modified spinner from ITO Flies

3lb on a modified spinner from ITO Flies


  1. Nice bass! Is that Lake Delavan in Wisc? I used to stay there when I was a kid. I'll be posting some nice bass photos from KY Lake in the upcoming days. Stop by and see them.

  2. 'Tis the one

    And you can count on it!

  3. That is the kind of fishing trip that can spoil you-----glad you were able to land some nice fish.

  4. Its great when it all come together at the end in dramatic fashion


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