The Carp Slayer Build - TFO BVK Reel

Ed Schmitt, aka The Four Season Angler, is currently working on a custom 6wt fly rod for me that will be dubbed, The Carp Slayer.

I had very specific details about what I wanted and needed this rod to do in order to handle the main quarry that I intend to use it on. After several conversations and a ton of research on his part, he found what he thinks will be the perfect blank!

TFO BVK II Super Large Arbor Reel - Moss Green
While Ed builds, I had to find a reel for the Carp Slayer. Since I chose to only use a 6wt rod instead of an 8wt, I knew that I needed a reel that had a large arbor spool, reliable drag, and a TON of backing capacity. After an exhausting amount of searching, I finally found what I think will be the perfect reel - A TFO BVK II super large arbor reel.

Temple Fork Outfitters claims this reel will hold 200 yards of 20lb of backing and WF6F line. Most other reels that I found only held around 100 yards. On top of the great line capacity, the reel only weighs 4.9 ounces!!!

I can't wait to put this thing to the test and once the Carp Slayer is complete, I will have several reviews coming.

Until then.....

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  1. TFO makes some killer reels, can't wait to see what Ed whips up.

  2. That is one nice reel, and just wait until you get on of them 20 or 30pounders, that fight like heck on spin tackle.

    I can see you on the river and just seeing your line zoom out of your reel so fast, and you can't do anything...now that's a fight.

    Hope this combo slays em.

  3. That is a really sweet looking reel. Cant wait to see the Rod that is going with it!

  4. The balance on the this reel with the 6 wt should be perfect for carp and larger bass using a size 4 popper--I really like the looks of that reel.

  5. Be sure and have him put a fighting butt on that 6 weight! Even fairly small carp wear out your wrist pretty good without a fighting butt.


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