Some new,or new to me, blogs

When I first started this little blog, Blake over at Illinois Wisconsin Fishing really helped get my name out there by posting a quick intro about me on his site. Since then, different sites like the Outdoor Bloggers Network, The Four Season Angler, The Argosgirl Chronicles, Owl Jones, and several others have also been kind enough to put my name out there!

As a result, I feel that it's only right (and good karma) to make sure that I do the same for a few others from time to time. With that said, make sure you check these blogs out and give them a follow, comment, or even add them to your blogroll to help them get their following!

1. Shotguns and Fishing Poles - Good writing, cool name, fishing, hunting, etc...A great blog to check out

2. Devin's Fishing Reports - I like this blog because it's authored by a young man who is in his mid-teens. His passion for fishing and the outdoors is fantastic and a welcome contrast to the stereotypical teen today.

3. The Cast Crew - This is a group of local Chicagoland fisherman who are really paving some new roads by appealing to the inner city/urban angler and making fishing "cool" to them. They are fantastic anglers and have some really great production/graphics work.


  1. All top notch blogs! I just discovered the Cast Crew and love what they are doing. Great post!

  2. two thumbs up for Devin's fishing reports. that kid can fish, a true multi species angler at such a young age.

  3. WOW! Thanks for the shout out to my blog, and kind complements! Much appreciated!

    1. My pleasure!! Can't wait to see how big your site gets over time

  4. Dude, Nick, your rock. I cannot explain how much I appreciate that, got 4 new followers in the past 8hrs!

  5. Brook
    Two of those blogs are new to me also. I will give both a look. Glad to have you on my blog roll, becasue I know I will enjoy reading all the post you put out. I will be doing a post on new blogs I have added to Fishing Through Life next week and your blog is one that I will list. Thanks for sharing the blog links.


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