Operation "Cannibal Frogs"

After watching a special on TV about how police use "bait cars" to catch car thieves, I had an idea!

Objective: Get cannibal frogs off the pond
Method: Use a "bait frog" to lure the unsuspecting cannibal frogs
Bait frog of choice: Live Target - yellow
Outcome: Two cannibal frogs apprehended and charged

Accused 1: Hannibal Frogger

Case 1 details: The bait frog was presented near a patch of reeds while the officers carefully watched and listened from the other side. Officers heard several splashes and decided to move in. Upon their arrival, Mr. Hannibal Frogger was seen trying eat the bait frog and officers noted giggling. 

When asked why he did it, Mr. Frogger denied that he was eating the bait frog, but rather trying defending himself from the attacks of the bait frog. 

Accused 2: Kermit Dahmer

Case 2 details: Reports were coming in about a frog in a nearby swamp that was  luring other frogs to his place after drugging them. Officers weren't sure where to begin so they placed the bait frog in the middle of a small bay within the swamp as most victims came from that area. It wasn't long before Kermit Dahmer was buying drinks for the bait frog. Officers stood by anxiously as there was nothing illegal with buying another frog drinks. After a few drinks, Mr. Dahmer took the bait frog to a nearby lily pad and attempted to dismember the bait frog by way of biting at which time officers had all the evidence they needed. 

Case notes: Mr. Kermit Dahmer admitted to eating several other frogs and experimenting on others. Officers searched his house and in a basement refrigerator, a 15th victim was found in a large glass jar labeled "Stew"

*All frogs are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law


  1. Got a couple of bullfrogs while tossing flies one time. Those things put up one heck of a fight. Didn't know how to do frog legs back then. Now, they'd be an appetizer.

    1. It's crazy isn't it? Who would have ever guessed a frog would nail top water and actually put a good bend in the rod?

      No frog legs for me, though...

  2. I don't know whether to mourn the victims or laugh at the suspects. Good job officer...job well done.

    1. HA! I say both. I am sure that many a frog family is missing a loved one tonight

  3. Hahaha I love the criminal frogs. My experience has been more with 'sumo frogs' - they grab on and try to push the other one away.

    1. Ahh..we have those too. You have to be careful with those sumo frogs - it's really just a gateway into the cannibal frogs.

  4. I'm finding your blog through OBN, and I have to say that this post is the "frogs knees"! Your blog over all is great, but this post left me in stitches! :)

    1. Thanks, Ahsley! Glad I could be part of making another smile!

      You have quite the story and as a new parent, I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the "what ifs".



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