Bittersweet Beginnings

Got out to West Loon Lake at about 7:00am on Sunday. The skies were high and it was a nice crisp morning. This was to be the maiden of my new hunting/fishing boat. I could not sleep the night before because of all the nervous anticipation. I felt like a kid again waiting to go up north with my dad. It was actually a great feeling because as I have aged, things just don't seem that way anymore.

There were so many unknowns!!!! I had a brand new trailer hitch, just put 2k into my truck (that is a separate story), never had the boat out, and did a lot of work to the motor!!! Will the truck make it??? Will the motor run properly????? All this led up to arriving at the launch and I was very excited to say the least.

Got the boat ready and removed the tie downs and backed her in. I noticed how easily she backed down into the water and popped right off the trailer. It floats!!!!!!! I had a great feeling about the morning now. Pulled the trailer up and parked then paid the rather steep launch fee of $15 dollars but the lake is beautiful and worth the money IMO. Got down to the boat and lowered the trim and she fired right up. The motor was running quite and extremely smooth and there was another great sigh of relief and I felt like a weight was lifted from my being. Pushed away from the dock and figured I would take a ride around the lake. The motor was running smooth but seemed to be sluggish. This would change as the day went on. I was only getting 22MPH out of her and I thought the prop is dinged up but I should be getting more speed. Came back to the dock to start fishing!!!!!

There is a creek just to the right of the boat launch and the bay entering the creek was shallow and full of emergent vegetation. This looked like a great place to look for pre or post spawn pike because I know Loon has an abundant pike population. Started casting in line spinners, shallow cranks, and swim baits and got nothing. Looked at the Lowrance Mark IV and she was working flawlessly. Another unknown checked off but the temp in the lake was cold. 40.1 degrees and came to the conclusion rather fast, we needed some warmer water. Figured the north shoreline would give us that warmer water. So fired up the boat and headed across the lake. The motor started and ran even better and I could hear the rpm’s kick up and was thinking that this was all the oil and cleaner running itself out of the motor.

Got to the north shore and the warmest water I could find was 40.6 but I figured it was warmer. Started working shallow again with the same lures and got nothing. Decided to get out a little deeper and went to the first drop off outside the shallow emergent vegetation. Worked the edge of the drop and was casting into the shallow water and bringing the lures back to the deeper water. We switched to lip less cranks and deeper diving stuff such as Cordell Spots and Strike King Red Eye Shad in Sexy Shad and deeper red patterns. Got nothing!!!! Started marking fish in 15fow from about 10fow to the bottom. What were they????? I know our lures were going right through whatever was down there and the hooks on the sonar had me excited. They looked like good fish. I even switched to a Boo Ya, Boo Jig in green pumpkin to see if they were on the bottom. Still nothing!!!!

There is a another channel between East Loon and West Loon and last year I saw many good crappie in that area so we headed there. Again the motor opened up and sounded like a finely oiled machine and then all of the cleaner and crap must have worked itself out because I heard and audible raise in rpm and the motor was now at 28mph. This is still a little low but the prop needs to be replaced. The felt majorly good because I have worked a lot on this motor and now she is running great!!!! Got over to the other side by the channel and this is usually were warmer water is. 40.2????? I saw no crappies either. I was lost out there.

I had a tough fall and can’t help but feel bummed because I know I was using the right lures, but what was I doing wrong???? This question has plagued me since last fall!!!! I do not know???? I read a lot of information on fishing and look at all of the reports on the board but still my catching has been bad. I am always happy to get out with a buddy and go fishing, and in some ways feel lucky to have what I have but would like to start catching some fish. A mixed bag of feelings was had upon leaving the launch but I have to say I am happy to have my boat, and good friends to share it with.

I guess that’s what it is all about, not so much how many I catch or do not catch, but the quality of time spent on the water. I will keep casting and documenting and taking movies and hopefully I will have something interesting for you guys to read and watch.

Oh yeah, I have no movies or pics because my computer finally died and I do not have another one. Thanks for listening!!!!


  1. Well with all the equipment working properly, it was a good day. Now you won't have as much of that stress and thoughts on those things to just concentrate on the catching fish part. Overall, I think that water was just too cold. Give it a little more time to warm up and I know you will be slaying them!

  2. I hope so and thanks for the kind words!!! This lake is definitely a little cooler than all the other bodies of water because it is spring fed. I will now probabaly finally hit the river with BFA and have some better luck.

    Leaving for Florida on Saturday and will be surf fishing which in March is awesome!!! When I get back, we gotta get out and hit the river Nick!!!! Talk to you later!!!!

  3. at least you've worked the kinks out of the equipment, now all thats left is to catch some fish!


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