Boat Ownership: It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times!!!

Well, as you all know, I finally pulled the trigger and got a duck boat that will also double as my fishing vessel. The boat did not need much work to get her in the water, or so I thought........

Then I bought the motor. I was having an issue finding the right one, but wound up finding the exact motor I wanted in, of all places, Wonder Lake, Illinois! This was great for two reasons; 1) I did not have to drive to Florida were the other one lived, and 2) It was only $1,400 instead of the $23-$2500 that everyone else wanted for a motor of this size and this year. In just a few days, I should be off to the races ready for the water, or so I thought.....

I got the motor home and on the back of the boat. It fit great except that the motor needed some adjustment because it had a long shaft which was too long for this boat. No problem, just a simple jack plate and the motor should fit perfectly. This was not that hard to do and fit on the boat great. The motor was now at the perfect height. Now comes the bad times! We got the earmuffs out, placed them on the motor, and she fired right up but was not running smooth. This was to be expected because the motor was winterized over five months ago and the fact that she fired right up was encouraging. The motor did not run smooth and we shut her down.

The next week I got new plugs and we made some new wires, but the motor was still fouling the lower cylinder immediately, in fact as soon as the engine turned on. We decided that the carbs may be the problem so we took out the drains on the bottom of the lower carb and oil came out. Figured this was going to be the problem so we sprayed some carb cleaner in the lower carb jet and put everything back togehter. Fired her up again, and now the motor is really running bad. I thought to myself "this is a problem!!!" The problem was evidenced further by water coming out of the carbs and that was a mistake on my part. I did not get rid of the old gas in the gas can and it was contaminated with water. However, this problem was acting like a carburation problem so we dicided to completely disassemble all three carbs.

We got into the lower carb and immediately I noticed the main needle is completely frozen in the seat so we needed to remedy this. Some solvent and some soaking and the needle freed up. Took the rest of the carb apart and found varnish and bacteria all throughout the carb. Did the same for the remaining carbs and reinstalled on the motor. This is where it gets to be good times!!!! The first fire up I could tell something was different about the motor but it did die out right away. This was due to the carbs being completely emptied. Next crank she popped off and I could tell immediately that the motor was now hitting on all three cylinders and running extremely smooth. In fact the motor would try and torque right out of my hands when I hit the throttle. I breathed a sigh of relief and just listned to her run.

This was like a lullaby to me!!!! I was trying to tune out my dad with his ball busting and just listened to that baby run. Wish I didn't burn almost two days getting this thing running but I think it will be worth the effort. Here is the short, but sweet, video I took of her running and firing up. The saga will continue this weekend when we hopefully finish the remainder of the work needed to water test.


  1. Yeah! Boy are you going to have fun this summer.

  2. I hope so!!!! I am almost done and I think she will be ready to go after this weekend. I still have to get a new prop because the one on the motor now is a little beat up. I am sure it would work for now though. Thanks!!!!

  3. first trip-where ya going??

    Rob P


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