Hair Jig Inspiration!!!

I have not posted in a while and was hoping my next post would be about finally becoming a boat owner! This was not to be on this day! I was inside all day and cabin fever struck bad when I watched an Infisherman and watched Doug Stange and the boys catching big river smallies on hair jigs. I busted out the jig tying gear and went to work.

I figured that I needed some brown and oranges to simulate craw patterns. Here is what I came up with. The first few the orange looked separate and I wanted to achieve the look of the orange coming out the back of the jig like a tail. I started to get the hang of it on the bigger jigs. I still think these will work and may even get out tomorrow for my first winter trip to The Fox River. I will keep you posted.

I hope that my quest for a boat will be over soon and will report back when my vessel is purchased. Here are my jigs, see what you think!!!!


  1. Great colors there Tommy. You should throw you name up or have a banner so people know it is you.

  2. Yes agreed. Blogs looking very nice too.

  3. The worst possible time to test out anything on the Fox River is during the winter. You may catch something, but most likely not.

    You need step-by-step directions to the Montgomery crap plant outflow, let me know. May as well increase your odds.

    Go with the black and white. The majority of the bait fish in the Fox look like that.

    The other thing that works, sometimes, this time of year are 4 inch black finesse worms. Tie something that looks like that.

  4. And definitely don't use that sink tip on the Fox.

  5. Thanks for all the comments. I did make it out today and as you predicted Ken, I got the skunk. No problem though I was just happy to be out on a nice piece of river fishing. I would love the directions to the Montgomery Crap Plant because I would like to get a fish this winter. I will keep you guys posted as to my first winter fishing efforts.


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