Cabin Fever and Jon Boat Blues!

Well I have money and I have been looking for a boat now for a month or so. I am loosing another duck blind so I need to get something to hunt out of. I already do some hunting on The Fox River up north and will be checking out the Ole Miss as well. I have some extra money and thought I will just start looking, find the right one, and make an offer. Not so fast!!!!!!

I am looking at modified V jon boats in the size range from 16-18'. Most of these boats are smaller than that and the 16-18 footers are way overpriced in my opinion. For example, 3-5k gets you a bass boat, live well, sonar, trolling motor, and nice main motor not to mention all the storage in the boat. These bass boats have floors and carpeting and are in generally good condition. Now a jon on the other hand is basically a shell of an aluminum boat and then you can add floors and the other stuff as needed. I have been noticing that these 16 footers are priced around 6K and then when I call to make an offer, I get; I am not moving a dime, this boat is worth every penny.

I am not giving up and have expanded my search to the southern states and am making progress. The guys down there seem to be more realistic about what the boat is worth and are willing to make a deal. I was going to make an offer on an 18 footer with a 115 yamaha and the boat was complete with duck blind, trolling motor, live well and would work great. The guy was cool but I think he sold it. I was a day late!!!

Oh well my cabin fever is only increasing so now off to the Chicago Sportsmen Show in Rosemont.


  1. I'll sell you my 11' Starcraft row boat. $100

  2. There's a guy that lives in Montgomery right on the Fox that has a jon boat that looks like this:


    Attached to it is a jet boat engine. He has no problem going through water that's not even a foot deep. That would be a nice one to have to hunt out of, especially around here.

  3. Good luck with finding your boat. I'm looking for a layout or kayak type so I can use it for waterfowl. No one carries layouts in my neck of the woods and I don't want to buy new without a physical check of them.

    1. Funny thing is Tom just sold his kayak.

  4. I'm pretty sure that boat is awesome. I sure hope you'd post a picture of it. Thanks.


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