Shoveling up some waterfowl!!!!!

Over the past few weeks the waterfowl season has been in full swing. The problem is, somebody forgot to tell the birds!!!!!! I am lucky to have a blind on West Loon Lake in Antioch Illinois and my friend Jim has a mobile duck boat with a pop up blind and between the two; I have been hunting just about every weekend. That is the good news. The bad news is the weather up north has been warm and most of the migrators are still in the central and southern zones of Wisconsin.

Added to this are some everyday problems that have been plaguing me such as my computer crashing and taking all of my videos and photos with it. That is why I have not been able to post and have limited pictures for this post. I also had a tough morning today losing my camera glasses, hunting waders leaking, and almost losing my car keys as well!!!! I guess worse things could happen, right?

Ok enough of the negativity! I just needed to vent a little. There was one bright spot in today's hunt however; my friend Jim and I bagged a new species of waterfowl for me, The Northern Shoveler. This is a really cool looking bird with a very specialized bill that is used for straining its food from the water.

This is a female specimen and she was checking out our dekes about a half hour after sunrise. I have been working on my calling and she needed little coaxing to make the final approach into our spread. The duck came in and we closed the deal with a good shot and she went down. I thought it was a greenhead but when I got out to pick up the duck, I could not help but notice the bill. I am happy to have gotten the chance to be out on The Fox River with a good friend, his dog, and now a new type of duck harvested.

I am hoping that my bad luck is behind me now and I have seemed to fixed my computer issues. Now to hit ebay and get a new set of camera glasses, hunting waders, and I am back in business. Thanks for listening!!!!!


  1. Nice post, Tom! Sorry to hear about your glasses and waders. If it helps, I lost my wallet where we went pike hunting. You know that little back water cove right off the launch? I am pretty sure it's in the middle of that.

    That norther shoveler is really cool!

  2. That really stinks!!!! I am just out some money but with the wallet you are out so much of your personal identification, credit cards, and whatever else is in there. Sorry to hear that and if I am down there maybe I can cast some snagging hooks to try and find it for ya!!!! Coolest duck by far I have ever seen next to a woody!!!!

  3. It sure did! The one thing that I am most upset about losing is my damn FOID card! I pretty much know(at least I think I do) where it is. I was waiting for the water to drop but then I sold the yak.At normal water levels, it is no deeper than a couple of feet and there is virtually no current through there.

  4. Lemme know when you want to go and look. I can come down with the yak and we can check it out. I am hunting probably next week and waterfowl is done. I am going to start upland hunting but maybe we can make it out over there if the water level drops.

  5. cold weather is coming boys, get ready.

    as to the computer crash, back up your files and back em up again. ive learned the hard way 2x's

  6. @blake

    It sure is! I heard teens by the end of the week. Time to put the shorts and flip flops away.


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