Lunchtime Fly Progressions

Back when I was baby-less, had a second income from the wife's employment and just didn't care as much; eating out for lunch was a daily occurrence. Well much of that has changed recently. Life has become more about saving money and being responsible and as a result, I no longer eat out for lunch. The one exception is Fridays as that is our sushi day.

As a result of not eating out, I have found this one-hour block of time to be a great chance to get some guilt free fishing in. My office is close to one of my favorite rivers, the Des Plaines River, and it just so happens to contain a good population of one of my favorite sport fish, the pike. 

Big Pike Flies
Well, today I decided that it was time to start hitting that area with the fly rod since I am quickly becoming obsessed with it. So I grabbed the fly rod and tied on one of James O'Durbin's "Big Pike Flies". 

When I first started casting this afternoon, my line was going everywhere but far. As the hour progressed, so did my casting. I realized that the less I move the tip of the rod, the farther the line shoots. Once I realized this, my forearm muscles started to burn a bit less, my line stopped falling into a big pile at my feet, and I actually made a nice loop! It was amazingly gratifying to see that line unroll and softly present that gigantic fly. 

I also had another first - as I was stripping the big orange and white pike fly, I saw a big pike mouth open and take a swipe. Either he missed or I was way too late in reacting as I never got to feel him on the other end of the line, but it still made me excited to see this happen. It let me know that I was doing something right. 

What I really like about the fly I was using today is its natural subsurface walk-the-dog action. It was perfect since jerk baits are the hot ticket right now on the river for pike. 


  1. Thanks Nick, now you got me kicking myself for not going after pike on the fly back when I had a chance.

    Check out wobblers and Anti wobblers, I bet those would make for great pike baits.

  2. I am sure there are some fish in Cali that you can target that you couldn't here....

    I googled a wobbler fly and found this

    I think it could work as well. Check out the pike it caught on page 5 of the link!

  3. Sounds to me like you were muscling it rather than letting the rod and line do the bulk of the work. Otherwise your arm wouldn't hurt.

    Somewhere in my collection of junk are very thin wire leaders, about 6 inches long, that work pretty well on a fly rod. You will be losing them otherwise, which is a good sign, but a bummer.

  4. HA! I am sure that is just a small portion of what I was doing wrong, Ken.

    I have heard of those wire leaders - once I actually start catching, or hooking, some fish on more than "fluke" basis, I will have to try them out!


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