First Fish on the Fly!

I recently scored an awesome deal from Ebay on a new fly rod, a 4wt St. Croix Santa Rio. I took advantage of a short opportunity, a very nice December day, to go test it out. I tied up a black woolly bugger and started casting. Instantly, I was shocked at how easy this rod was to cast. Compared to the 8wt that I have been "learning" on, this thing was a breeze. Within two minutes, I was able to cast further and with less effort than the 8wt. Perhaps this is due to the rod or perhaps it is because I am starting to learn...who knows.

With my excitement and gratification, I kept on casting. About ten minutes after I had started, I gave the furry black thing at the end of my Mountain Dew yellow fly line a tug and then it happened...

It was an obvious amount of strike as it forced the fly line out of my left hand. I quickly made a lift with the 8' 6" olive green rod and felt it load up. After a minute of marveling at the way this fly rod absorbed the shock of a fishes kicks and tugs, I was gaining ground and began to see some flashes of silvery gold. I chuckled and thought, "first fish on the fly and it's a nice looking bass!" I let the rod and the super light line at the end the of it do its thing and then the real surprise came....

I exclaimed with a hint of bewilderment, "A crappie?" "Holy crap, that's a huge freakin' crappie!"

I fumbled around my pocket for my phone and staged the fish next to the rod to capture the relevance of this being my first fish on the fly. Then I added my foot to the scene for a sense of scale. My shoe is 12" exactly from front to back...

Just to add to the excitement of this first fish on the fly, I had no clue there was even crappie in this body of water! I have fished this area many times and never have I seen a crappie there. 

If it wasn't official before, it is now....I AM HOOKED ON THE FLY!


  1. Good for you, my fiberglass 6wt is hard to cast as well. I can't wait to get a 4 wt and try here out.

  2. Thanks, Dan. I am not sure what the difference between the two rods is other than the obvious weight difference. I am not sure if the actions are different or if the brand makes a difference. I am also not sure what brand of line is on the 8wt either. Maybe that makes a difference.

  3. Congratulations Nick! The answer to your questions is a little bit of everything you mentioned...it all makes a difference. The weight of the rod, type of line,the maker..it all counts as does what the rod is made of. Nice fish.

  4. Nice fish! Looks like the transformation into a die hard fly-fisherman is almost complete :)

  5. Congrats! That's a nice crappie. I have yet to catch anything bigger than a minnow on my fly rod...

  6. Come spring, I'll put you on some smallies on a little creek. That will cement your infatuation.

    If it was the river, they've been there all along. Right place, right time.

  7. @Alex - You aren't kidding! I think once Ken G gets me going on some skinny water smallies, it will be game over. I think I'm gonna start tying my own flies soon.

    @Rebecca - Thanks! Are you kidding?! I was under the impression you were a fly-nut!

    @Ken - Name the time and I'm there!

  8. @Howard - Thanks, I had a feeling it all did, I just wasn't sure how much or what kind of reaction these differences would have. I am used to casting rods and the principles behind those....this fly thing is all foreign to me.

  9. First fish on fly and its a fish you have never seen in the body of water... Its meant to be! Happy fishing!


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