The Not So Elusive Des Plaines River Pike

....This is just a short preview of our next top secret DPR Pike expedition....

Last Friday, Nick invited me down to fish in some of his favorite Des Plaines River territory. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it at the last minute because my daughter was sick. I was pretty bummed because I have been pounding the DPR up in my neck of the woods for about three weeks in search of the "elusive" DPR pike. I've had a few on, but nothing landed.

Nick replied that we could reschedule for a Monday float and I was ready to go. One thing that neither of us took into consideration was DST which meant we only had an hour or so to fish. Even so, the question on whether to make the drive or not was an easy one - in a word - Yes!!!!

I got down to the secret spot about 20 minutes ahead of Nick and paddled out around the meet up spot. I found some interesting looking structure and started casting. About 20 minutes later, just before Nick arrives, a nice hit! Several minutes later, I landed my first "not so elusive" DPR pike and I could not have been happier.

Thanks for the invite and hopefully this is only a preview as to what will happen on our next outting. Here is a little video clip from our brief, but productive, outting.  Enjoy!!!

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