DPR Pike - a story of kayaks vs the wind

As Tom had mentioned in his, "The Not So Elusive Des Plaines River Pike" post, we set out this past Saturday to really get on some big DPR pike. This particular stretch of river has been producing pike lately in big numbers and big sizes. Much of this success was related to perfect water temps, steady water levels, and a general lack of any major fronts moving through the area.

Between last Monday, when Tom and I had made it out last, and this past Saturday - that had all unfortunately changed. We had a couple days of heavy rains which made the river levels rise a couple of feet and more than quadrupled its discharge. While the river was on a steady decline again, the water was still dirty and high, the winds were blowing hard, and a front was moving through as we hit the water on Saturday. Initially, I had planned on the entire trip taking around 4 hours to float and fish the heck out of 3.5 miles of the Des Plaines River. I figured the faster current would really propel us down river at a good pace, so we would be on easy streak in terms of paddling - I was wrong. The wind had other ideas and at times was so gusty that it would push me upstream against the current.

That delay meant that we had to spend more time paddling and less time fishing which I feel was the ultimate cause of a zero fish outing. There are still a few good weeks left if the river can stay somewhat consistent. If not - it's time to start focusing on ice fishing and my warm water discharge areas.


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