Christmas Gift Idea!

I am a big Christmas fan but I suck at finding "the right" gift. Luckily, my wife is a genius at it and she pretty much always knows what to get.

For those of you who also suck at it, I will be posting gift ideas until Christmas when I come across something that I think would be a good gift.

This feature comes from Sims Spinners and it is a gift that would be awesome for the Parent/Child or Grandparent/Grandchild who likes fishing. It would also be great for that angler in your life who likes to be hands on or who you think has everything.

The "Big" kit!

For pricing and different packages, head on over to the Sims Spinner website!

EDIT: Apparently, Sims Spinners has some issue with their site. Dan, the owner, can be reached via email and send you over some details and pricing until he gets the site fixed!


  1. I hope Santa brings me a Alabama Rig with Jerry Rago lures. - Sean Gillette

  2. Wow, you're first gift idea is great. When I was a spin fisherman I would have loved to make my own lures. Good Job.


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