That's disgusting

In less than a year, this blog has had nearly 13,000 visits. People find their way over from a vast array of sites and search terms from Google. I always find it interesting to see what search terms helped people find the site. Today, one of those search terms was just.........gross.

One person found this site by entering the search term "jerking off in cook county forest preserves"

This is disturbing to me on a couple of different levels.

First, let's discuss the obvious - Why the heck are you giving the dolphin a back rub in  a forest preserve? There are just too many things that can go wrong including children walking by and seeing you; that is not only disgusting, but it's also illegal. To me, playing the skin flute isn't worth going to jail.

The second part of my problem with this path to BrookfieldAngler.com is the fact that BrookfieldAngler.com even shows up in the search results for that search term! How the heck did this happen?!?!

In closing, I would just like to say to Mr. Master Bater, thanks for visiting the site. When you are done checking out the Fish Porn section, you may want to refocus your attention on a different location that isn't illegal or just plain weird. 


  1. I always find the search terms entertaining - I've had some odd ones guide people to my site. But this one...disturbing is the only word. I mean, despite the legal implications and all, why the heck would anyone need to google that?

  2. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I waded Salt Creek from the 294 bridge back to the parking lot. All of it is a Cook County Forest Preserve. You can't see the parking lot from the creek. When I came up the bank, there was one car in the lot. With the drivers door open. With the driver standing just out of the door. In a pair of white socks. And that was it. Wanking away.

    When I was a kid, Cook County Forest Preserves out around Palos were our stomping grounds. Saw all kinds of weird things.

    Weren't you ever told to never go near a car that had backed into a parking spot?

    You probably have Cook County Forest Preserve in your posts somewhere. The rest was an assumption.

  3. I just had a weird search term as well "she loves to fish naked" - but yours is definitely creepiest! Who are these people?!

  4. @argos - I was thinking the same thing! Were they looking for tips or something??

    @Ken - That had to be quite the sight! What do you do in that situation? Pretend you didn't see him? Laugh? Call the coppers?

  5. Being from Chicago, I have some terrific childhood memories of the preserves...or I used to.

  6. @Ashley - I am shocked that's the worst you have ever gotten! I am so happy that I am not an attractive young woman that loves to fish and has a super popular blog like yourself. I might have the creepiest search term, but you have to get the creepiest emails.

    @Co - are you sure "terrific" is the word you were looking for?? LOL


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