Happy Samhain!

Or Halloween!
Whatever you call it - enjoy it. Dress up those kids, dress up yourself, and go get some some candy!

I was talking to the wife yesterday and I had one of my many "deep" thoughts....Do you ever notice that when the the kids come to the door, you always say "trick or treat" and almost never ask it like it was originally intended? My wife, in her infinite wisdom that I will never tell her that she has, says to me in response, "What are you going to do if they say trick?" At that - I had nothing, so I have decided to stick with what works and I will stand on my roof like I do every year and throw candy at the kids.

No tricks - just candy. It's great when you get a whole group of kids and toss handfuls of candy. It's like watching a twenty man battle royale - except the people are smaller and they are dressed like lady bugs, goblins, pumpkins, and kitty cats.

Have fun, be safe, and don't take it too seriously!

ROARRR!!!! - Rach and Landon - Halloween 2011

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  1. My thoughts exactly. Enjoy it, it's a great time for all of us kids.


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