Waders and Kayaks - WTF?

As the wait for the new yak to arrive continues, I am thinking about this whole "wear waders" when kayaking idea. Sure I get it...kayaks get wet inside, especially sit on tops, and you don't want to be sitting in a bunch of water causing prune ass. This part makes sense; it really does.

But waders?? If you flip off of that kayak, which seems to be a pretty good possibility, and you are wearing waders, won't those fill up with water making it even hard to stay afloat and basically act like a pair of cement shoes??

Am I missing something here? Have you ever fallen off a yak with waders on? Do you know anyone that has?


  1. I have worn waders in a kayak before, but it was in an area that I knew was very shallow (less than waist deep). I made sure to have the belt secure around my midsection too.

    However, I think it's very dangerous to do this if there's even a chance of capsizing in water deeper than 5ft. That belt may help, but not for long. I usually stick with raincoat pants that I hike up to my stomach in order to stay as dry as possible.

  2. Actually tests have shown that when in the water you are still nuetrally bouyant and the effect does not try to sink you in any way. The problem lies in trying to lift 600 pounds of water back into the kayak. If you cut the end of your waders off just above the ankle, you will have eliminated both concerns :-)

  3. I think I am gonna have to find a pool and jump in soon! Then I will know what to expect


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