Get the f&*K over yourself...

This post could be my first "rant" that I have ever written here. In the spirit of really writing how I feel/felt, this thing will be a no holds bar rant with expletives and all.  - You have been warned

The subject is one that really just irks the hell out of me and it happened to Dan and I this past weekend on the same trip that my boat met the bottom of Milwaukee Harbor on Lake Michigan.

As we were out there trolling around Milwaukee Harbor this past Saturday night, we inevitably saw a few other anglers out there doing the same exact thing as we were. Most were friendly and willing to share pleasentries and general information about how they were doing out there.  That was until we came across one dip shit that really pissed me off....

As we were trolling past them, Dan gave a friendly.....

Dan: Hey guys, doing any good?
Asshat: Alright
Dan: Cool. How many did you get?
Asshat: Not enough (in an arrogant tone). You?
Dan: We got one on board, and lost about 3 more? What are you throwing?
Asshat: Various things - what about you? (Still in the same arrogant tone)

At this point, I was done listening to this pretentious jag-off.

Do you really think you are on to something so much better than anyone else?
Does the fact that we are out trolling around the same exact area, kind of clue you in to the fact that we know about this spot too?
Does the fact that we are in a harbor and 11:00 at night, tell you that we also know what we are fishing for and have a pretty damn good idea of how to catch them?
Do you really think that the fall run of king salmon is a giant secret or that throwing glow spoons, deep diving cranks, or rattle baits at night is the hot ticket??

NO! Get the fuck over yourself you prick. We are all out here having a good time trying to catch some freaking fish that are there in massive numbers and about to die anyways. It's fishing for zombie fish in the middle of night, not a tournament where there is a million dollars on the line. I hope you get the skunk every time you fish until you change your freaking attitude you piece of crap.


I feel better now


  1. Wait! There are king salmon in the Milwaukee Harbor right now? Don't let the few jags ruin your trips on the water. You're time fishing is now limited and you need to enjoy every minute of it.

  2. I know it's amazing isn't it?! HAHA

    Trust me when I say that guy was least of my worries. I was too distracted by the sinking boat issue to care much about them.

  3. I feel your pain.

    Next time wear a huge foam chunk of cheese on your head and curse the Bears in your greeting. You'll make friends faster that way.


  4. Gotta love the clowns you run across while fishing, eh?

    Sorry about the boat.

    (*ahem* Go Bears!)

  5. Man I am sorry to hear that happened to your boat!!!!! Moreover, you had a couple of jerk offs as well. They are everywhere and some more jerk off than others. I have had my share of that especially around the Cook County Forest Preserve Lakes where I spend a lot of time. People like this just need to be ignored. Fuk em!!!!

  6. @Loah - You sure do! It's OK about the boat...the wife is already talking about buying a bigger and new boat next year. I've got the YAK for now.

    And yes...go Bears!

    @Tom - Yeah, they sure are. It just feels good to rant about them every so often. Ask Dan, I said the same stuff when it first happened making sure I was loud enough for all to hear.

  7. Sorry to hear about the boat. A very important lesson here...don't piss off a fisherman with a blog!


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