Forkin' Friday! 9-16-2011 edition

Holy fishticks! (stolen from OwlJones) I almost forgot about this and it's only week two.

Let's see..what do I want to talk about today?

I know!

Let's talk about CB Fishes! CB is a fellow Chicago fisherman. He hasn't been fishing for very long, but he sure is trying hard to catch up!

Almost every day, he seems to post up a new report of some fishing adventure. I think he has a teleporter though because one day he is fishing some harbor in Chicago and the next he is in Michigan or something.

His posts are full of excitement and you can't help but enjoy reading about his fish. Many of the fish seem small or common to a lot of us,but it's neat to read the excitement and it brings me back to the time(s) I was that excited about catching a particular species, like the first large mouth I ever caught, for example. Here is a great example of that excitement!

I'll also note that he sure seems to be catching on to techniques pretty quickly.

So head on over to his site, follow along, and I think he has a Facebook Page too....


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm pretty sure it's my iphone that makes the fish look so small...

    It's blogs like yours that inspire me to get out there and fish- thanks for the tips, and definitely thanks for the mention!


  2. i remember that feeling when i first got into fishing, it hasnt wore off yet


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